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Electric Cupping Therapy Set with 12 Level Temperature and Suction for Back, Shoulder and Neck

Electric Cupping Therapy Set with 12 Level Temperature and Suction for Back, Shoulder and Neck

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  • 【Different With Traditional cupping tool】this smart cupping therapy tool delivers a soothing heat for your skin to release the pain and promote the blood circulation and detoxification. The unique one-push pressure relief mechanism can release the cup pressure instantly, eliminating any pains when removing the cups.
  • ♨︎【6 or 12 adjustable mode combinations】Using the advanced PI conduction heating technology, this product can heat up to the desired temperature rapidly (100.4℉-122℉). The heating element can efficiently break down the excess lactic acid in the muscles and relieve muscle pains. We provided 2 kind of item, 6 gears and 15 gears. You can choose the correct suction that suits your needs with different levels adjustable suction control.
  • 📦【What's Included】1 electric cupping machine with essentials—2 Filter Pad, 1 Type-C data cable in the package fits most of chargers, 90 minutes for a full charge and offers up to 2 hours of usage on a single charge. And after 20 minutes of continuous work, the AI protection system will be triggered to automatically shut down to protect you. 5 tradional gua sha board for experience an ancient method of hygiene care.
  • 🎁【Stylish, Convenient and Portable】: From our initial design phase, we wished our smart cupping set to easily for instant face lifting on different occasions anytime, anywhere, but also be stylish and able to ‘blend in’ with any scene—you can carry with it into your backpack, pocket, handbag and makeup bag. With a stylish surface, and pretty color, It’ll look stunning wherever you decide to use it. It is also the best gift choice for your friends.
  • 💯【Our Guarantee to you】: We ensure stringent manufacturing and quality standards for our products because customer satisfaction is our primary aim. Moreover, we provide a 104% satisfaction guarantee. If any product we’ve sent you has a problem, you can contact us any time. 


6/12 Levels Electric Intelligent Breathing Cupping Massage Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy Guasha Scraping Fat Burner Slimming


❤️Note:There are 2 types. 6 Levels and 12 Levels, pls double check before order. Thanks:)


6 Levels LED Display Light / 12 Levels LCD Digital LED Dispaly Screen,four independent buttons can separatelyswitch the machine, adjust the suction intensity and heating gear, and suspend the cupping adsorption function, which is easy to use.

6 Levels Style :Breathing Pressure, 6 Levels Red Light Heating, 6 Levels Negative Pressure, Led Display, One-key Stop Suction, Timing Design, Scraping and Cupping Massage 3 in 1(USB charging style)


12 Levels Style :Breathing Pressure, 12 Levels Red Light Heating, 12 Levels Negative Pressure, LCD Display, One-key Pressure Relief, Timing Design, Scraping and Cupping Massage 3 in 1(USB charging style)



1. It integrates the three functions of negative pressure cupping, scraping and massage. Through intelligent detection of the pressure in the tank, the vacuum negative pressure can be adjusted in real time to realize dynamic breathing cupping.

2. Effectively promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, stimulate acupoints, relieve fatigue, relieve pain, dispel cold and dehumidification, improve immunity, and relax muscles.

3. Two modes (deep negative pressure mode / soothing breathing mode) are available, scraping, cupping or massage, free to choose without restriction. ((The deep negative pressure mode is turned on when the machine is turned on))

4. 20-minute timer function: automatically start a 20-minute countdown when it is turned on to avoid unnecessary damage to the body caused by excessive scraping and cupping.

❤️[Best gift] The lightweight, compact and professional cupping device is the best gift for your relatives, friends, and lovers on special days!


RED-12Levels :


Change Once,Use For 7 Days


Material: ABS+silicone

Packing size: 17.8*13.3*8.6cm


Packing List:

1* Host

2* Filter cotton

1* USB Charging Cable (Type-C)

1* English User Manual

❤️There is no essential oil in the package. Thank you.

Blue - 6Levels :























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