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Aromatherapy Air Purifier Cleaner Car Accessories HEPA Filter Negative Ionizer Generator

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Air Volume: 50m³/h
Power (W): 2.5W
Voltage (V): DC5V
Certification: ROHS
Certification: SASO
Certification: CE
Style: Air Purifier
Application area: 11-20㎡
Type: HEPA Filter
Power Source: Battery
Noise: ≤30dB
Application: 10-20m³
Function: Dusting
Model Number: AH078

Product weight: 0.6KG

Package weight: 1KG

Color: rose gold, local gold, matte black

Product size: 177*163*40mm

Packing size: 257*210*47mm

Material: ABS

Charging method: USB/cigarette lighter power supply

Use range: inside the car, bedroom, office

Purification method: HEPAN active killing, bacteria cotton, negative ion



1. Two flavoring methods: perfume and fragrant tablets

2. Three levels of adjustment, touch buttons

3. Start with the car, close with the car



1. When the car is driving, the driver should not operate the machine to avoid accidents

2. Do not use the machine in high heat (>60 degrees Celsius), high temperature and an environment containing flammable and explosive gas

3. Do not disassemble the machine at will or use metal utensils to extend into the machine to prevent electric shock

4. The voltage of the power supply must comply with the power supply voltage specified by this machine (DC5V)

5. Please do not touch any live parts when the machine is working

6. To shut down, please turn off the switch before unplugging the power plug

7. It is forbidden to disassemble and modify this product, at your own responsibility